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Engaging stakeholders in Ukraine

The EBRD has approved a large-scale retail-anchored regeneration project in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Lviv in Ukraine. This new development faced significant challenges in balancing commercial viability with careful integration into the city’s sensitive historical urban fabric. Thanks to technical cooperation (TC) supported by the EBRD’s Shareholder Special Fund, a project for urban regeneration by using cultural and historical assets was able to explore ways in which businesses, local communities and the Bank can create a platform to identify opportunities to contribute to urban regeneration and competitiveness.

A workshop in February 2014 brought together representatives of Multi Veste (the project developer), the International Council for Shopping Centres, the Lviv municipality and local organisations to look at the city’s future and find innovative ways to improve community-based public spaces. Local stakeholders were consulted about the development, and local architecture students were invited to visit the project, which is Ukraine’s first commercial development to be certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design programme. Multi Veste also launched a floor design competition for the retail centre to identify and promote local artistic talent and the use of local expertise. The workshops and the TC field research have made it clear that we can fulfil an important – and unique – role in bringing together different stakeholders and backing an approach to urban regeneration that encourages responsible corporate citizenship, taps the creativity of civil society groups and listens to community concerns.

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