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Expanding national and regional transport links in Poland

Gdansk is a gateway port for Poland and a major transhipment hub for the southern and eastern Baltic region. The EBRD is supporting the expansion of Gdansk’s deep-water container port facility – the only one in the country – with €31 million to construct a second deep-water terminal operated by DCT Gdansk.

The project has clear environmental and economic benefits. It creates much-needed extra capacity and reduces transhipment costs by about 20 per cent. It also supports measures that boost the terminal’s resilience to climate change and rising sea levels by increasing the height of the quay and establishing channels for receiving information on extreme sea levels and wave overtopping. As part of the project, which is backed by €259 million in commercial financing, DCT Gdansk has also committed to improving its energy efficiency through the use of innovative technologies.

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SECTOR Transport EBRD INVESTMENT €31 million
OTHER BENEFITS Climate resilience and improved transport links