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Improving animal welfare and biosecurity in Ukraine

Animal welfare and biosecurity are issues that the EBRD has only recently started to address. The revision of the Environmental and Social Policy was an opportunity to clarify our approach. One example is the US$ 30 million (€25 million equivalent) loan to the Ukrainian pig farming company Nyva Pereyaslavschyny (Nyva). The loan will not only finance the expansion of its pig breeding operations, meat processing facilities and grain storage, but will also support new land purchases and the acquisition of state-of-the-art agricultural machinery.

As well as promoting the use of modern farming practices in Ukraine, the investment will support Nyva’s adoption of the European Union’s animal welfare standards across all of its pig breeding facilities, far exceeding the requirements set by Ukrainian law. This will allow Nyva to become a national benchmark for animal welfare, biosecurity and environmental standards.

An associated technical cooperation project, conducted jointly with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, and funded by Japan, aims to reduce the possibility of an outbreak of African swine fever, a virus-borne disease that threatens to spread across Ukraine. It will do this by improving government response mechanisms, raising awareness among smallholders and veterinarians and conducting a simulation exercise to test skills within the private and public sectors.

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SECTOR Agribusiness EBRD INVESTMENT €25 million
OTHER BENEFITS Improved animal welfare