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Promoting youth inclusion in Egypt

The EBRD is providing US$ 60 million (€49 million equivalent) to fund the development of the Mall of Arabia, a retail development in 6th of October City near Cairo. As well as offering a safe and welcoming recreational area for the local community, the project will create some 5,000 jobs.

Youth inclusion gaps in Egypt are wide: nearly two-fifths of young Egyptians under the age of 24 are unemployed and one-third lack any form of employment, education or training. Where training opportunities do exist, they often fail to equip young people with the skills that employers need. As part of the project, 25 international and local fashion brands operating in the retail centre set up a partnership to provide high-quality, work-based training for young people – and young women in particular – that reflects the requirements of local retailers. Training will include courses in customer relations, store and facilities management, and English as a second language.

These private employers will participate in the establishment of the first Retail Sector Skills Council in Egypt, which will support the development of national training standards for Egypt’s retail sector, ensuring that vocational skills programmes for young people meet industry requirements. The council will also provide a high-quality learning experience for participants and will help to create viable career paths in the private sector.

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SECTOR Property and tourism EBRD INVESTMENT €49 million
OTHER BENEFITS Youth employment and training opportunities